The power of the super advocate in The Guardian

Wasserman’s Tom Lovegrove explores the growing influence of “super advocates” for brands

Brand experiences play an increasingly important part in building advocacy for a brand. But why the growth in the sector?

I believe brand experiences are the most effective marketing channel when it comes to enhancing consumers’ perception of a brand. In-depth brand engagement is built into the heart of experiential campaigns, allowing the start of a dialogue between brand and consumer that establishes a meaningful long-term relationship.

This is reflected in the impressive increases in brand advocacy – compared to industry standard advocacy benchmarks, such as Net Promoter Score – that we see when we measure and evaluate experiential activations. The extent of the swing in advocacy associated with experiential creates what I call ‘super advocates’. These are consumers that experience a positive swing in their perception of a brand from an experiential engagement that far exceeds changes in engagement with the same brand via other channels. Of course, advocacy in any form is essential for brands, but what benefit do ‘super advocates’ give, that your everyday advocate doesn’t?

Clearly, any brand looking to develop a strong level of advocacy should consider how it can transform any of its campaigns into a full experience. If we can do this, and demonstrate our ROI further than ever before, the sky is the limit for the brand experience sector.

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