Vodafone – 1984G Street

Vodafone go back in time for anniversary event

Project Description

To help Vodafone celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first UK phone call, we decided to recreate a 1984 street where visitors could experience everything they now take for granted through their mobiles. We created a temporary street in Covent Garden featuring shop fronts, a cobbled street, photo booths, a digital post box, street furniture and actors in character as 80’s Londoners.

Every store featured a digital layer of activation bringing the experience right back to 2015. The Vodafone Store was the hero of the street, styled as a replica of one of the brands first retail shops in the UK. Spotify Records brought a current app used by millions back to its roots, with a fully functioning records store. The NOW TV store was a fitting tribute to the long-lost VHS rental shop, fitted out with over 300 well-known films.

The final store was the Vodafone 4G Arcade, a neon-lit homage to an 80s arcade, fitted with arcade games, as well a crane grabber offering some retro goodies.