Bombay Sapphire The Grand Journey

A multi sensory journey of discovery

Project Description

We invited consumers to join Bombay Sapphire on a spectacular journey of discovery to celebrate the beauty and richness of their gin. Guests enjoyed an immersive drinking and dining experience on board the “Laverstoke Express” which was inspired by the 10 “botanical locations” used to create Bombay Sapphire.

On board the train, an array of dishes were presented in a multi-sensory manner, with moving images projected onto the surrounding walls and music, fragrance and lighting to match the individual offerings. Each dish represented a botanical location.

To add to the drama we planted actors who would tell the story of Bombay Sapphire and encourage guests to join in with the threatrical performance.

So far, the tour has visited Antwerp, Berlin and London with 3 more stops to go…