Quaker – Chicago Fire Activation

2014 Chicago Fire Partnership activation including local youth tournaments and pop-up events

Project Description

Leveraging their partnership with the Chicago Fire, Quaker created a series of activations that took place on game day, at local youth tournaments and at a series of events throughout Chicago.

Engaging fans through a variety of soccer related activities, consumers had the opportunity to win Quaker premiums. On-site activities included a digital racing game that allowed people to race their family and friends, a quick kicks inflatable goalie and a prize wheel.

Throughout the activations people also had to opportunity to sample an array of Quaker products including oatmeal, chewy bars and cookies.

Over the course of 8 months and 17 activation days Quaker distributed more than 20,000 product samples, 15,000 premiums and added over 3,000 names to the email database through the digital race game.