EDF – Energy of the Nation

Helping EDF Energy become the number one domestic Olympic sponsor, by creating the world’s first social media driven lightshow during London 2012.

Project Description

Our ‘Energy of the Nation’ campaign measured the mood of the nation during the Olympics using data sourced from the 10 million UK Twitter users. Working with the UK’s foremost expert on Twitter sentiment analysis and a team of MIT graduates, we filtered Twitter for those tweets that made reference to the Olympics.

We analysed the resulting data to reveal just how positive Britain was feeling that day and unveiled the results to the nation in a dazzling low-carbon lightshow every night on the EDF Energy London Eye. We also gave visitors the opportunity to “conduct” the lights on the EDF Energy London Eye through our Kinect powered light controller, simply by waving their hands.

Our activity helped EDF Energy’s become #1 most-recognised domestic Olympic sponsor with a PR reach in excess of 260m!