G.H.MUMM and Kentucky Derby

Launched and activated the brand’s partnership around the fastest two minutes in sports.

Project Description

Pushing G.H.Mumm to the forefront of the Champagne category in the U.S., Wasserman facilitated a multi-year partnership between the G.H.Mumm & The Kentucky Derby.

To celebrate their first year of partnership, Wasserman brought to life G.H.Mumm at the 141st Kentucky Derby through a series of key onsite touch points. Including: Consumer Experience, Sales, Broadcast & Hospitality.

The weekend immersed over 750 fans into a Virtual Reality post Derby G.H.Mumm party experience, socially shared over 1,000 fashionable fan photos, sold +12K units of champagne, engaged 100’s of celebrities in a charity bottle signing and owned two key broadcast moments, The Toast To The Derby, reaching an onsite audience of over 170,000 people & the introduction of The Champagne Spray by the winning Jockey.

Further aligning the brand as the Icon of Victory, G.H.Mumm have also received naming and branding right of the newly built G.H.Mumm Winner’s Circle.