Verizon – IndyCar

Transforming the Pagoda at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway into an innovative technology showcase for VIP’s

Project Description

To capitalise on the Indy Car partnership and accelerate Verizon’s emergence as a game changing technology leader, we transformed the Pagoda at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway into a Technology Showcase for the month of May leading up to the Indy 500. The private space highlighted how Verizon’s innovative technologies and powerful network will transform IndyCar for teams, tracks and fans.

We created seven unique experiences to position Verizon as an innovator including: Suit Up – an augmented reality driver experience, Connected Life – an innovative holographic experience that highlighted the benefits of a Connected Life now and in the future relating to Telematics and Mobile Commerce.

Powerful Answers, LTE Multicast, Charge Up, Mobile Driver Chat and Full Throttle, which was the first ever futuristic 360 degree multi sensory driving experience utilising oculus rift.

Throughout 9 days of activation, over 650 VIP guests visited the space with 3330 total engagements across all experiences.