Crowne Plaza – Invitational at Colonial

A unique experience for fans that showcased and promoted Crowne Plaza’s new brand enhancements

Project Description

As the title sponsor of the Colonial Invitational in Fort Worth, Texas Crowne Plaza gave guests a unique and memorable experience that allowed them to experience the benefits of the Crowne Plaza brand.

As guests entered the golf course, there was an 8’ x 8’ Crowne Plaza branded vending machine where guests could chose the brand enhancement that was most important to them – connectivity, wellness, or productivity. Guests then received a premium and a key card that they could swipe at the other Crowne Plaza Activation points throughout the golf course including the Crowne Plaza Lounge and the 13th Hole in order to gain access to upgraded prizes, free Wi-Fi, fast pass lanes to the bar, and charging stations.

We also created an opportunity to register for the Million Dollar Hole-In-One Lucky 13 Charity Challenge which would dispense $1 million split across 13 fans and a charity if a player made a hole-in-one.

Branded premiums were given away throughout the day including; Sunglasses, Towels, USB Chargers, and Golf Kits.

Over the 5 day activation period, Crowne Plaza engaged over 10,000 fans, and more than 60% participated in the interactive elements of the experiences. Over the 2 days that guests were able to register for the Lucky 13 Charity Challenge, there were around 600 registrations.