Nespresso Tasting Tour 2016

Increasing Nespresso Club member acquisition through a modular, in-depth coffee tasting experience

Project Description

Focused on building brand affinity and acquisition, Wasserman designed and implemented a bespoke two-tier structure and multi sensory coffee experience to celebrate Nespresso’s point of difference.

Wasserman curated the project from end to end through the structural and interior design to the development of an insightful digital app, which provided individual consumer coffee preferences and purchasing habits.

Aligning with the brand’s target audience, the experience was implemented at, 4 key events and festivals across the UK. The multi sensory experience was divided into several consumer touch points ranging from a 1 minute quick tasting to a 20 minute food pairing and cocktail experience.

In addition to enhancing brand perception, over 30,000 samples were distributed with data captured from over 2,500 prospective Club members.