A US style combine experience offering fans a chance to challenge themselves against their NFL heroes

Project Description

New for 2014, Wasserman designed & produced the NFL Lab for the International Game Series.

Fans were given the chance to immerse themselves into the world of the NFL combine by taking themselves through a series of physical tests whilst competing against their mates.

Challenges included a strength test, whereby fans pushed against a replica dummy pad measuring their power. Fans then took on the QB Accuracy challenge which was a series of throwing tests. Following this, fans took part in the Vertical Leap which tested their jumping capabilities. The final challenge was a speed test in which they got to race their mate over a 40 yard distance. Score’s were recorded by a brand ambassador after each challenge.

As a takeout each fan received a virtual player card listing out their stats and comparing them to the best players in the NFL 2013-14 season. The digital player card was then shared online.

Over two events 1,600 fans passed through the NFL LAB