Pandora Analyst Day


Project Description

Pandora was launching a new brand identity and getting ready to make some big announcements at their annual Analyst Day Conference and were looking for ways to bring some of these exciting elements to life in a physical sense. They wanted to ensure that the attendee experience had been thoroughly thought through from arrival to departure and included a handful of “wow” and surprise and delight moments.

Wasserman leveraged new creative and brand assets to bring the conference venue to life and make it feel uniquely Pandora.  The branding plan included graphic elements at every guest touchpoint including a large dimensionally branded wall upon arrival and larger than life graphics featuring Quest Love. The compelling design of the stage ensured that guests watching across the globe during the live stream were also immersed in the new Pandora brand. To keep things lively throughout the all-day conference, we also arranged a number of fun surprise and delight elements including a pianist and string quartet that played everyone’s favorite Top 40 tracks.