Verizon – Power House

Super Bowl XLIX’s jewel in the crown was a giant personalized technology showcase in Downtown Phoenix

Project Description

We were tasked to accelerate Verizon’s objective of changing brand perception with Super Bowl fans through cutting edge innovative experiences.

The solution was 10,000 square feet of the most ground-breaking interactive and personalized technology experiences that captured the imagination of NFL fans, while also interweaving the brand story. Fans would download the custom app to create a unique profile and QR code, with which they scanned into each experience to personalize their journey. The fans were spoilt for choice inside; they could score a touchdown through virtual reality, chat to glass-projected players through the app, get personalized autographs from their favourite players on the transparent touchscreens and even learn about a connected life in the 360 degree projection mapping room.

With over 40,000 engagements 77% of visitors now regarded Verizon as a technology innovator.