Spotify My Tempo

A unique App and live experience encouraging consumers to use Spotify as their perfect running partner.

Project Description

Spotify wanted to activate their partnership with The Nike 10km Woman’s Race in London. Their challenge was to drive awareness of the positive impact music had on running performance, whilst increasing the monthly active usership among female runners of the race.

Our solution was the creation of the My Temp web-app, designed and built to create the perfect running playlist for each runner. By answering three simple questions, individuals were assigned a Tempo group (based on the beats per minute of a track) and the perfect playlist was built for their training requirements.

To deepen interaction, a live installation of the app was placed on the ground floor of Nike Town London for a period of 3 weeks for consumers to experience the feeling of their Tempo groups via a vibrating podium and on-screen animation.

And finally on race day, we hosted the Spotify Silent Disco, a novel pre and post-race warm up and down across a range of different tempos.

Our app was well received with uptake by over 78% of runners (7,882 unique app users); 210K opportunities to see our activation in Nike Town and over 1,000 Silent Disco‘ers on race day, with an average dwell time of 1.5 hours.