Tesco Finest* Turkey Bus Tour

Serving 1,570 Finest* fresh Christmas turkey lunches in five cities from our mobile pop-up restaurant

Project Description

We brought Tesco Finest* Free Range Bronze turkey to the masses. Touring the UK, our Finest* restaurant allowed consumers to try the quality of Tesco’s tasty fresh turkey, raising awareness of the availability to purchase turkey’s in Tesco stores.

Customers had the opportunity to order their sample-sized mini Christmas lunch via iPads on a bespoke Wi-Fi system. Diners could ask the on-board chefs for cooking tips or choose the perfect turkey for them via a ‘Turkey Chooser’ iPad app. For inspiration, customers could use the online Tesco turkey guide for further information about finding the right turkey for their friends and family, including recipes and videos for prepping and carving your turkey.

Our turkey bus visited five cities across a 13 day period serving a total of 1,570 Christmas dinners, achieving an estimated 385,000 OTS across the tour.