Intel – The Ultrabook Lounge

12,000 people used HP Ultrabooks to check-in and post their official festival pic to Facebook, reaching a further 2.23 million on the social network

Project Description

The Intel Ultrabook Lounge gave festival goers the opportunity to discover the latest Ultrabook inspired by Intel, download their official festival photo and enter a competition to win an Intel Ultrabook every single hour of the festival just by checking in via Facebook.

A screen playing a New Year’s Eve style countdown sequance announced a winner every hour. Our experience visited Lovebox Festival, the Isle of Wight Festival and Main Square Festival in Paris.

Attendees could also pose in front of the camera for their official festival photo which was uploaded directly to their Facebook page. The experience saw over 12,000 ‘check in’ to our Intel Lounge and over 2,23M unique Facebook impressions!