Vodafone – Raise Your Game Festival, Budapest, Hungary

Using RFID and Facebook to amplify onsite activity by an astounding 220%!

Project Description

Vodafone Hungary were launching a nationwide upgrade to their 3G network and wanted to leverage the brand’s Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One team partnership to maximise coverage and buzz around the launch. We created the ‘Raise Your Game Festival’, which took place over 4 days, giving consumers the opportunity to try their hand at a number of activities including; virtual water polo, driving an F1 simulator, changing the tyre on an F1 car and cycling against a race car.

The event saw 75,000 Hungarians visit the event over the first three days, whilst 250,000 attended the fourth day to watch Jenson Button raise his game by driving his F1 car through a specially created 1.6km street circuit. 2.1M people (20% of the population of Hungary!) watched the live broadcast of the event, whilst we generated over 3.4M Euros in media coverage.

To ensure significant amplification of the event, we designed, produced and implemented a new social media registration platform – RFID Facebook Amplification, which amplified onsite activity interactions by a staggering 220%. The overall Facebook reach of the event exceeded 1.7m people worldwide.