Vodafone – VIP at Summer Music Festivals

Enhancing the festival experience for over 40,000 Vodafone customers by recharging their phones and giving them the best view of the main stage.

Project Description

Research amongst festival-goers showed that second only to having clean toilets people cannot live without having their mobile phones charged at festivals. So, we built two self-contained mobile recharging units each capable of charging up to 2,000 mobile phones and took them along to 11 of last summer’s music festivals.

In addition, we wanted to provide Vodafone customers with a superior experience of the live music so we created the Vodafone VIP Viewing Platform’s giving customers unrivalled views of the main stage, while being protected from the typical British weather.

More than 18,000 Vodafone customers charged their phones at last summer’s music festivals and more than 15,000 Vodafone customers have enjoyed unrivalled views of the main stage courtesy of the Vodafone VIP Viewing Platform.