Bay To Breakers

Creating an engaging experience that focuses on retail and technology and includes a little bit of fun

Project Description wanted to develop a memorable consumer experience to capitalise on their title sponsorship of the inaugural race “Bay to Breakers”. Their main objective was to recruit new ‘best customers’ and create the anticipated Zappos buzz amongst fans.

In response to this, we created an activation in a high footfall area, that showcased their merchandise and Under Armour apparel partnership, whilst providing a fun and engaging consumer experience.

The space featured a Bay to Breakers themed photo opportunity, a booth allowing participants to break a world record on the spot, as well as a human-sized hamster wheel that generated power to operate an almond butter machine!

By attaching innovative RFID tag technology to all of the apparel, consumers were able to pay for their merchandise in a matter of seconds via the Magic Checkout. This asset allowed for speedy and painless purchasing and enhanced the consumer experience to create that “Wow” factor.

More than 40,000 runners visited the Zappos Experience,  with 8 world records set during the activation as well as the world’s fastest checkout at 17 seconds!